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Programming Topics or Design of applications and programs or Overload Journal #118 - December 2013

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Inventing a Mutex
Description : A mutex is a general purpose tool - there may be better solutions in specific circumstances. George Shagov presents one such alternative.
Category: [ Programming Topics | Overload Journal #75 - Oct 2006 ]
It’s About Time
Description : How easy is it to make code wait for a time period before doing something? Mike Crowe looks at ways to avoid problems when a system clock changes.
Category: [ Design of applications and programs | Overload Journal #156 - April 2020 ]
Iterators and Memberspaces
Description : Exposing a compound object's collections can be messy. Roel Vanhout introduces a powerful idiom.
Category: [ Programming Topics | Design of applications and programs | Overload Journal #88 - December 2008 ]
iterator_pair – A Simple and Useful Iterator Adapter
Description : Can you form a new contain from two others? Vladimir Grigoriev reminds us how to write an iterator.
Category: [ Programming Topics | Overload Journal #126 - April 2015 ]
Description :

This article reports on an experimental study, performed during the 2003 ACCU conference, that attempted to measure one particular aspect of developer identifier meaning assignment behavior. The study investigated the extent to which belief in the applicable application domain affects the meaning assigned to identifier names.

Category: [ Design of applications and programs | CVu Journal Vol 15, #6 - Dec 2003 ]
I_mean_something_to_somebody, Part Two
Description :

This is the second of a two part article describing an experiment carried out during the 2003 ACCU conference. The first part was published in a previous issue of C Vu (15.6, December 2003) and discussed the background to the experiment and some of the applicable characteristics of the subjects taking part; this one, the second, discusses the results of the experiment.

Category: [ Programming Topics | CVu Journal Vol 16, #2 - Apr 2004 ]

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