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Programming Topics and CVu Journal Vol 16, #5 - Oct 2004

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Wx - A Live Port
Description :

This is a collection of notes I have made while porting an application from MFC to wxWidgets. It is intended partly as a tutorial and partly to document some of the roadblocks I met on the way.

Rapid Dialog Design Using Qt
Description :

In this third installment of our series on GUI programming with the Qt C++ toolkit, we're going to show how to design dialog boxes (or "dialogs") using Qt.

Introduction to STL (Standard Template Library)
Description :

Since STL is a very large topic to be covered in an article or two, we will focus on the most commonly used generic classes: vector and string.

An Introduction to Programming with GTK+ and Glade - Part 2
Description :

In this part, I will be showing how to use the Glade application for rapid window creation.