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Overload Journal #151 - June 2019

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Overload 151 PDF

Bob Schmidt

10 June 2019 21:47:32 +01:00

How Hard Can It Be?
Description : Getting different parties to collaborate might sound easy. Frances Buontempo explores where problems and opportunities arise.
Category: [ Journal Editorial ]
Do Repeat Yourself
Description : Software developers are well aware of the ‘DRY Principle’. Lucian Radu Teodorescu investigates when this common wisdom does not always hold.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
On IT and... CO2 Footprints
Description : Recent headlines declare a climate emergency. Sergey Ignatchenko considers how we can make an impact on IT’s carbon footprint.
Category: [ Design of applications and programs ]
Use UTF-16 Interfaces to Ship Windows Code
Description : Character encoding can cause problems. Péter Ésik explains why UTF-16 interfaces help on Windows.
Category: [ Programming Topics ]
ACCU Conference 2019: Reports
Description : ACCU holds an annual conference. Several attendees tell us what they learnt there this year.
Category: [ Letters to the Editor ]
Description : There are parallels between writing and programming. Chris Oldwood shares his journey into learning to write well.
Category: [ Process Topics ]