REVIEW - Flow Design for Embedded Systems 2ed


Flow Design for Embedded Systems 2ed


Barry Kauler




CMP Books ()




Chris Hills


December 2000



This book promises much. a CASE tool with automatic C generation and an RTOS as well as the book, Too good to be true? Well, yes and no. The tools are there but when I looked on the author's web site found that the GOOFEE tool, the main tool used in the book, had been superseded with the GOOSEE tool and also the RTOS has been improved. Both of these are available for free download along with most of the information in the book. The web site contains additional related information, particularly for the 8051 and X86 family.

This book could be very useful as it gives a complete CASE tool with tutorial for the method, assembler and RTOS. If it were not for the fact that all the (new) software and most of the notes, in the book can be freely downloaded I would have recommend this book to hobby users working with 8051's as there is an RTOS for them (but is not pre-emptive).

As a method, the systems in the book have merit but look at the web site and download the software rather than buying the book. However, whilst the ideas are ok, the tool is not really up to modern industrial standards so students may be better with the demo versions of industrial strength tools which are the ones they are likely to meet in Industry. All the text in the book is closely related to the GOOFEE tool so there is no other reason to buy the book unless you are using that tool.

I have to question the wisdom of a publisher doing a book where all the information is and has been for some years, freely available from the author's web site. Especially as new (different) versions of the tools were released at a similar time to the book. This makes the book obsolete.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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