The ACCU Conference for 2016

Conference 2016

Where and When

  • Location — Marriott Hotel, 2 Lower Castle Street, Bristol

  • Dates — 2016-04-19 to 2016-04-23.

  • Call for papers — 2015-10-12 to 2015-11-13.

Keynote Speakers

Andrei Alexandrescu a researcher, software engineer, and author working on the D Language Foundation.

Cope (aka Jim Coplien) the first user of C++ outside Bell Labs research and continues to do pioneering work in object design and programming language. His latest passions include the trygve programming language  — a research language designed to bring OO back to its proper roots.

Another two keynote speakers will be announced soon.

When? 2016-04

  • Tuesday 2016-04-19 — pre-conference tutorial and workshop day

  • Wednesday 2016-04-20 — main conference day 1

  • Thursday 2016-04-21 — main conference day 2

  • Friday 2016-04-22 — main conference day 3

  • Saturday 2016-04-23 — main conference day 4

More Details

Archer Yates Associates Ltd are the people who do all the organizing of everything about ACCU conferences except the conference programme, the ACCU conference programme committee is a solid bunch of ACCU folk. Acher Yates have set up this web site which has all the details of location, costs, etc.

So, visit the conference website to find out more about ACCU 2016

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