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Jon Skeet - abusing csharp - 23rd July 2014

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Distributed computing in the cloud

Distributed Computing through HPC and Big Data paradigms has renewed interest given recent increased adoption of the cloud. Andy will cover defining clusters through software, writing queries and algorithms and share war stories on running software over hundreds of cloud backed nodes.

Andy Cross is an author, software consultant, cloud architect and co-owner of Elastacloud. His passion for distributed computing, big data and high performance compute sees him building massively scalable system utilising the limitless potential of the cloud. Andy’s specialism in the Cloud realm is big data, computation distribution, runtime diagnostics and service elasticity. He is a Windows Azure MVP, Insider, co-founder of the UK London Windows Azure User Group and a Microsoft DevPro Community Leader.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6:30 PM Where:

St Albans Centre

Leigh Place, Baldwins Gardens, Holborn London UK EC1N 7AB, London


Interactive C++

Having watched Brett Victor's Inventing on principle video that shows real time feedback of manipulating code, Julian was inspired to try and create the same thing for C++.

With some research into the LLVM and clang projects he discovered a way of making it happen in his IDE introjrojucer.

For a taste see his video here:

As you edit the code, any changes get recompiled, and the previews magically update to show the changes. Changes to simple literal values can be injected instantly into the running program, but even when a file needs to be recompiled, it has a turn-around time of less than a couple of seconds to build and relaunch the JIT engine - so the result is pretty-much realtime feedback as you're editing your code.

He's already found it to be incredibly useful in writing code: when you're nudging colours or pixel positions around to make something look just right, it can save hours of tedious compiling and relaunching. He's excited about how useful this will be in his own day-to-day coding, and hopefully that means a lot of other people will want to get their hands on it too!


Wed 1st May 2013, starts at 6:30pm


Marex Spectron, Level 5 155 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3TQ

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